iRelax Classes  
              Mental Fitness and Brain Training 

This 20 session $3600  program starts with a neurofeedback assessment that provides specific information about how rewiring your brain will help with both cognitive and physical wellness. 

Based on that information, personal history, medical and educational information, we design a program that will get you to peak performance readily. 

This signature program provided in combination by Remarkable Mind Academy and BrainFit Northwest eliminates nervousness, apprehension, uneasiness, panic, disorganization, frustration and increases sleep patterns, healthy living and thinking patterns.  Many of our clients suffering from PTS  say that it is a new sense of freedom for them.

This program is great for students struggling with school. Students struggling with learning disabilities and attention and focus challenges have discovered a new sense of confidence when returning to school. 


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​Individual Programs

                    253-224-4633 .

                   Wonder Visioning Self-Hypnosis For
                                   Business Professionals

  • Learn the fundamentals of Self-hypnosis
  • Complete a personal Inventory
  • Set goals and make own hypnotic suggestions
  • Increase self-Image 
  • Increase Communication
  • Manage Stress
  •  Use self-hypnosis to break had habit of insomnia, smoking and over eating
  • Use self-hypnosis to manage pain, increase memory
  • Increase sales success

6 weeks 8 session
$600 per person       Individual program $700​
​​There will be times in life when you notice yourself resisting achieving the goals and dreams that you desire.  Through hypnotherapy at the Remarkable Mind Academy we will help you come into agreement with the reason why the subconscious mind is blocking your achievement.

Since the subconscious mind is not fond of change it will sometime

create resistance in the forms of worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, concern. 
Other times it will keep you awake at night, create illnesses or bad
habits like nail biting.  Sometime it leaves people stuck in a state of
grief, depression and hopelessness.   Left to its own devices, the
subconscious mind can make life a bit challenging.   At the
Remarkable Mind Academy we design individualized programs to
meet your specific needs.

                                                      Check/Cash Discount               Debit/Credit

nitial Intake Session                                              $180                       $187                      

Individual Sessions pay as you go                            $180                       $187                         

 4 session package                                $150 x 4 = $600                        $618                      

  8 session package                               $130 x 8= $1040                       $1071   

 12 session package                             $120 X 12= $1440                      $1483      

Payment plans are available per request.

Upon special request 12 session packages are transferable.

 New Client must have an Initial Intake Session in order to transfer the remaining sessions. 




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Remarkable Mind Academy

Group Programs 

Wonder Visioning  Self-Hypnosis for Athletic Teams

Learn fundamentals of self-hypnosis for visualization and emotionalizing success
Learn how to get in the zone and stay in the zone distraction free
Increase self-image, confidence and reduce fears and negative thinking
Set personal and team goals
I work directly with your coach to design individual and team goals and needs.
Learn how to create your own hypnotic suggestions to increase your personal talents

 6 weeks 8 sessions

$700 per person

                    Harnessing The Power Of Success

 This powerful 6 hour program  walks participants through the process of breaking self-limiting barriers of self-sabotage. This  mini workshop apply conscious desires and thinking with attaining subconscious agreement.   Participants will  participate in both cognitive training and hypnosis.  This short program is designed to leave participants with a thorough understanding of how to use self-hypnosis for goal achievement.