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The Journey To Peace of Mind

Is Hypnosis and Brain Fitness For You?

What would it be like if you could use the power of your mind to create change?

We all know change is difficult and most people don’t like it.

So what is driving you to desire a change in your current lifestyle?

What benefits do you think you will receive in your life by making this change?

Are you ready to invest in yourself to make this desired change?


Now ask yourself this question, what will it cost you in your life

if you choose not to invest in making this change?

How will this change impact the people that you love?

How will not doing this transformation impact the people you love?

What would it be like if you could achieve this change by experiencing a deep relaxation like hypnosis?

As you decide that hypnosis is the right investment for you, you might also find yourself thinking about feelings of comfort you and your loved ones will experience as benefits.

By choosing hypnosis as your therapy platform you could find yourself experiencing peace of mind.

Understand this about hypnosis; it is simply a relaxation technique allowing you to make mental and behavioral changes quickly, easily, effortlessly.

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How Does Brain Fitness or Brainwave Entrainment Work?

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Brain Fitness or brainwave entrainment as it often called,  is the process of using sounds and rhythms that are natural to the brainwaves to promote more communication between them.  It brings about changes in neural pathways and synapses which we develop in response to our environment and other neural processes.

It wasn’t so long ago that scientists thought that after childhood we couldn’t change the brain; we couldn’t have been farther from the truth.   The brain is ever-changing and ever-growing.  The brain learns through repetition by making a map of every experience you have and it can attach that map to anything remotely related to it.    This brain activity is called neural plasticity, meaning that we have the natural ability to learn, succeed, and master anything we dedicate our thinking toward especially if it is linked with meditation.

Brainwave entrainment promotes whole-brain functioning so that both sides of the brain can easily and naturally exchange information.  This process can help very rigid, analytical people use more of their creative and intuitive nature it can also allow spontaneous and impulsive people to gain focus and restraint when needed.

The entrainment process super charges the brain’s ability to form new neural pathways between the right and left sides of the brain, helping to rewire it.

When used with hypnosis the mind can eliminate negative thinking patterns and bad habits and while developing and creating new neural pathways with better habits more quickly and powerfully.    With training, practice and repetition clients will be able to retrain their mind independently and on their command. 

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Why Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works so well  because you are actually working with your imagination. There is a cliché that says, if you can see it in your mind you can achieve it. This is very true except in hypnosis we want you to be able to take it to the next level which is being able to emotionalize or feel the new end result. When you can attach a feeling to what you’re seeing and what you want change happens quickly.

 When you are in your imagination your mind makes all kinds of new connections. When you’re in a state of hypnosis, you can feel a sense deep of relaxation, security and comfort. Hypnosis allows you to play with your thoughts, add new thoughts, eliminate unwanted thoughts and create the change you want.

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Can you imagine being able to relax so completely and fully that you are able to refine your thinking by getting rid of the fears that are holding you back in life?

Imagine now, if learning how to relax completely, fully and deeply was the secret to setting yourself free from the constant negative and self-critical chatter.  Would you try it?  Imagine what it would be like to respond to life with happiness, joy and confidence no matter what.

Hypnosis is an amazing mental fitness technique that has been used since the beginning of time.   Whether you need to break bad habits, reach new goals or create new dimensions in your personality hypnosis will help you make the transition naturally and easily.

Learning to manage your thoughts, feelings and reactions to circumstances and other people is not an easy task.  Hypnotherapy at the Remarkable Mind Academy helps you take the struggle out of it.   Hypnosis is the best way to relax on your way to success!

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works differently from other therapies in that it is designed to bypass the conscious mind. Traditional therapies focus on using the conscious mind to make changes. Studies have shown that putting information directly into the subconscious mind creates a new reality rapidly because the subconscious mind learns more quickly.

 The number one question I get from first time clients is can I be hypnotized? For the most part I say absolutely unless you are coming to a hypnotherapist to prove that you can’t be hypnotized and resist the program.

People with average and above average intelligence can be hypnotized.

People with brain damage or mental illness may have a more difficult time reaching the subconscious mind in a therapeutic setting.

Some people will find it easy to drift into hypnosis while others will need more practice in obtaining a deep state of relaxation.

Anyone at any age can experience hypnosis simply because it’s a natural state of being. Everyone has experienced hypnosis in their natural state. An example of that is the time you say you were watching a movie or reading a book and you became so involved you are unaware of things going on around you. When you become even emotionally involved in a movie or book you are in a state of hypnosis. When you are driving a repetitive route such as going to work and don’t remember anything about the drive as you are pulling into your parking stall, you were driving under hypnosis.