Here's What Clients Have To Say

“Janet- just a quick note to say thanks very much  for skills you taught me in stress management and call reluctance.  I must admit that I entered your program with extreme reservations about the whole concept of hypnosis, thinking it would be a waste of my time and money.  I left your program a fan of hypnosis and a life-time client.  The skills I learned at the Remarkable Mind Academy gave ME the power to change my actions and behavior.  With the help of your CD collection I am able to rest better at bedtime and awaken feeling sooooooooo much more rested. Your expansive CD library is the single biggest draw that got my wife on board. Now, she is a big fan as well-“
Kevin G    
New York Life Advisor


"....with her amazing warmth, and depth of knowledge and deep convictions of this process, Ms. Large was able to steer my thinking and feelings into a more productive and positive state. This is no easy task. I highly recommend the Life Enrichment Through Self-Hypnosis course and the numerous materials designed and produced by Ms. Janet  Large." 
~Linda U- teacher

"....we love you...BECAUSE... your a motivator...a mover of the cob webs out of our encourage us to move into abundance, favor & blessings... AND you help us move our BUSINESS thinking INTO the GO...not NO! Thank you for all you DO! MUCHO HUGS! :)

~ Christine F. wine distributor

"Thanks Janet for the Life Changing Course helping me learn to use self hypnosis as a tool to handle whatever life throws my way. Calm and Relax and with a Plan and Big Hairy Audacious Goal, I feel like a new person!  
On Wednesday evening I was having dinner with my daughter and we were disagreeing on something and rather than get upset, I told myself I was Calm and Relaxed and immediately felt happier. You are my heroine. Thanks! I highly recommend this course!

~Julie C. realtor

" Huh, who'd believe it, after 72 years of puffin'... the desire is completely gone."

~Thomas F. retired

"Thank you Janet, I now have a better self-esteem and am very thoughtful about the foods I eat. I'm doing the happy dance, less 20 pounds!"

~ Pat L administrative assistant


“Working with Janet and Dr. Owens, in just 3 months my arm pain is completely gone and I increased my pitching speed to a range of 88 to 92 mph." 
~Paul C

“Before I trained with Janet, I was not confident in my abilities as a pitcher even though I was first sting at my high school as a freshman.  I no longer pitch wildly to the seniors and have confidence my school work.  My grades are improving.”  
~Hayden F.

“When my doctor referred me to Janet to help with my weight loss I was apprehensive, then I learned there was absolutely nothing to fear. I have had so much success in managing the emotional problems surrounding my weight; the triggers and the deeper issues. I am very pleased with how my personal life and family life both changed because of my treatment with Janet. I have recommend several people to her and would attend her other programs without hesitation.”
Chrissey A, Independent photographer

  “The Remarkable Mind Academy is the place to go when you want real results; one that don't just scratch the surface big dig deep enough to make lasting changes.”
~Alicia B


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Speaker  & Educator

Remarkable Mind Academy

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Invite me to speak to your company, business, networking group, non profit so you can understand the benefits of using hypnosis as a platform for achievement in health, wealth and wellness. 

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      I have watched people struggle toward success both as an instructor and hypnosis coach. How people perceive past failures and successes determine the level of success they will continue to achieve throughout their careers.
     As a seasoned and experienced hypnotherapist and teacher, I have worked extensively with people from ages 3 to 79, from preschool to university level, from stay-at-home moms to
CEOs and  vice presidents, from general contractors to athletes and everything in between.  Everyone has their own unique approach to life, what they value, and what success means to them.    Therefore, I individualize my services to best fit my client’s needs.   My clients must be prepared to show up for all appointments, practice, be self-determined and have a specific intention in mind before results can be thoroughly accomplished.
     As your hypnosis coach I will teach you a new  life-skill  so you can confidently and courageously set and achieve goals that stretch you out of mediocrity and into abundance.
     I have been using hypnosis as a pain management tool for decades, as a stress reduction tool and as a method to keep on the cutting edge of my passion.   In 1993 I fell off a roof while hanging Christmas lights. I used my hypnosis skills to help stop the internal bleeding.  When I was a public school teacher working with emotionally challenged teens I used my skills to keep my stress level on an even keel and to help students manage their emotional outbursts.  Today I use my skills to  educate people about creating their own success in a dynamic and creative way.
    Hypnosis Coaching allows me the flexibility to be a cheerleader, adviser or accountability coach for when you just plain need a kick-in-the-pants.   As your hypnosis coach  I am your partner in designing, developing and turning your dreams into your reality.
     My clients already know they have potential for success. I help them  re-frame, rejuvenate and restore  balance in their own lives.    My clients know they have a  Remarkable  Mind  and I help them master it.