Although losing and maintaining a healthy weight is a multi-billion dollar industry with diets, wonder drugs, surgery and counseling, hypnosis has been proven to help people lose weight and keep it off easily, naturally and permanently. Hypnosis helps you to:

achieve the size shape and weight that you desire     eliminate unhealthy food cravings     creates the desire to eat healthy foods    creates the desire to exercise speeds up your metabolism    become aware of your appetite   teaches you to recognize when the body is full      teaches recognition of hunger and thirst      eliminates over eating       

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 Hypnosis is an amazing technique used to heal people who have experienced a life-threatening trauma or work in industries that service people in violent or traumatic situations.  These experiences leave mental, emotional, visual, auditory and olfactory memories that continually loop and haunt individuals. Hypnosis can alleviate and eliminate the memories and the triggers so clients can life a full life of joy and happiness.    

Hypnosis is a time-tested, proven, relaxing experience that allows you to make positive changes to old habits. Unlike traditional therapies, hypnosis is a future focused therapy with the intent of anchoring new habits beliefs and behaviors directly into your subconscious mind.

 There are many different approaches to hypnotherapy but all are life-changing. Clients normally experience self-discovery and insights to their authentic self. Hypnosis allows the client to accept powerful new beliefs that allow them to focus on the joy of living.  Through hypnotherapy my clients realize they no longer have to struggle against old habits that were keeping them stuck and unproductive. I need to tell you that going into hypnosis truly is a wonderful experience. 

I assure you that during a hypnosis session you will:

  • not lose control
  • not pass out
  • not be  unaware
  • not do crazy embarrassing things
  • not tell secrets


Typically, hypnosis at the Remarkable Mind Hypnotherapy Academy, consists of you sitting back, allowing yourself to relax and glide along with the sound of my voice so that you can easily and effortlessly enter a calm, peaceful state of mind.


 Occasionally, a new client will drift into a deep state of relaxation and fall asleep. This is a very natural response when you are learning hypnosis, simply because relaxing upon command may be confused with sleeping. Learning to relax in hypnosis without falling asleep is like learning to drive a four speed, with practice you get better and rarely pop the clutch. Even if your fall asleep or your mind wonders and you think you missed some of the session, be assured that your subconscious mind is still engaged and listening.

How Hypnotherapy At the Remarkable Mind Academy Can Help You Live A Richer Life

The medical community confirms substantial results for the use of hypnosis in health and wellness:

 weight loss     idiopathic illnesses     nail biting      bed wetting   cancer     side effects of medication    ulcers      skin problems      insomnia      restlessness      headaches      high blood pressure   chronic pain  grief and loss    arthritis     asthma     neuropathy  depression  pre and post surgery anxiety    help with dental care and dental office visits  

Hypnotherapy for relationships can help you:

 improve social interactions    enhance communication   eliminate performance anxiety     remediate sexual dysfunction     defeat fear of intimacy     increase relationship commitment    release relationship inhibitions     expel irrational thinking    get rid of jealousy      develop self-trust     increase romantic pleasure     

Remarkable Mind Academy

Remarkable Mind hypnotherapy can help you redefine your character traits such as:

 feelings of rejection     feelings of abandonment      feelings of victimization      perfectionism   obsessions being over critical       resisting change      pessimistic viewpoints      self sabotage   inability to focus and complete tasks      negative self talk       mistrust       over controlling     feelings of inferiority  stubbornness   inflexibility      feelings of superiority  

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At the Remarkable Mind Academy we use hypnosis for career development and sales success to:

increase confidence in public speaking      eliminate writers block      heighten customer service      enhance follow through        increase sales     increase productivity      increase profit and revenues  increase goal attainment    increase daily activity      increase confidence    increase personal and team confidence levels    increase problem-solving  increase leadership     increase time management  increase enthusiasm       increase motivation      visualize positive results    decrease fear of rejection     decrease fear of cold calling    eliminate procrastination   eliminate self sabotage  

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​​​Hypnosis  FYI​

For Your Information

For students in endeavoring into excel in academics hypnosis at Remarkable Mind Academy helps with:

 reduces  test anxiety       reduce feelings of overwhelm      enhances focused attention while studying   enhances memory and recall      increases comprehension     reduces worry, stress, and anxiety  improves concentration     eliminates mental blocks   improves study habits    increases motivation   increases ability to make  mental connections    reinforces  positive study habits   eliminates poor study habits      increases self-confidence   increases self-esteem     increases self-reliance  improves sleep quality

People that choose to use hypnosis are seeking change.   Generally, they have tried other therapies  without success and truly want relief . Hypnosis is not a magic wand and success does not happen instantly. However, a 1970 study by Alfred A Barrios,  PhD, showed that after 600 sessions with psychoanalysis a client could expect 38% recovery rate, with behavioral therapy after 22 sessions a client could expect 72% recovery and with hypnosis the average of 6 to 10 sessions can have an expected 93% success rate.

Remember that hypnosis is a tool that you can use to enhance your success in a variety of areas of your life.  Below are some examples as to how hypnosis can help you live a fuller life.

Hypnotherapy at the Remarkable Mind Academy can help you experience an increase in:

 academic success    career success     healthy habits    better communication    creativity   problem-solving skills   relaxation    goal achievement    positive attitude    self-image     self-confidence               self-esteem  self-mastery   exercise   athletic performance   memory recall and retention  decision making skills     motivation    enthusiasm     personal responsibility  

Our style of hypnotherapy can also help you decrease or eliminate:

anger   anxiety    aggressive behaviors   chronic pain  cramps    fear   phobias     panic attacks  headaches hostility discouragement    helplessness hopelessness side effects of illnesses   negative attitudes perfectionism  moodiness doubt    worry insomnia guilt   shame  idiopathic illnesses      frustration    irritability  

negative habits such as smoking and gambling drugs and alcohol          

Brainwave Entrainment

 In today’s fast paced society, people are having more difficulty finding peace of mind and balance and mental relaxation.  This added stress can cause the brain to move into a sort of mental paralysis; that is the brain becomes stuck in a certain brain wave frequency and is unable to shift into other brain wave frequencies that are appropriate for the task at hand.

When this happens, people can find that sleep becomes more difficult to manage instead of being a natural part of the daily human experience.   Some people may have trouble getting to sleep, others may have trouble staying asleep and some have difficulty awakening. 

Sleep is not the only part of the brain that can experience this type of paralysis.   People can get stuck in negativity and find they  are frequently annoyed, angry, hostile, easily frustrated or even resentful. 

When the brain wave frequency are important to a person’s mental and physical health and have been shown to correlate with emotional feedback, motor functioning, memory, processing, perception and other cognitive functions.  

Studies have shown that the brain will easily sync itself with new rhythms so that the brainwaves can function appropriately.  Each brainwave has its own set of frequencies that cause the brain to specific activities, when they are out of sync it is hard to feel good.   Scientists have discovered by using specific binaural tones, monaural tones and isochronic tones they can cause the brain to naturally and quickly reset itself.

Human have many different brainwaves, but the ones I focus on at the Remarkable Mind Academy are the Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.   Each has their own rhythm and tones that are natural for them.   The human ear cannot hear tones below 16 to 20 hz, so scientists have developed technology to help the brain hear the necessary tones to reset itself.

  • Brainwave Frequency Chart
  • Gamma  30 to 50 Hz
  • Beta  14 to 30 Hz
  • Alpha   8-14 Hz
  • Theta  4 to 8 Hz
  • Delta 0.1 to 4 HZ

 When you choose to train at the Remarkable Mind Academy you we will train your brain to get back in sync allowing you to regain your peak performance edge. 

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Hypnosis is a boon to athletes and competitive people because it:

 Enhances ability to remain focused,    increases levels of concentration   increases awareness      improves neural muscular coordination    increases confidence     elimination of fear of failure elimination fear of success   increases enhancement of natural talents     teaches mental success rehearsals     makes behavior automatic      increases ability to stay cool and calm under pressure    helps breakthrough performance plateaus    increases tenacity to push through and persevere on self limiting beliefs      develops a sense of being unstoppable